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With our experience in the water cooler industry, we've handpicked the coolers we think are the most reliable, stylish and the best all round options.


We use two trusted suppliers, AA First and Crystal Mountain coolers, both are well established cooler suppliers who have been supplying the UK and the world for 30+ years, and both continue to grow. 

Water Cooler with 19 Lire Spring Water on top
water cooler example

Aquapoint 60b chilled + ambient

CM Everest Elite WC

Cosmetal Aquality Sparkling + Chilled WC

water cooler

Our entry level machine, this offers chilled & ambient water

20Ltr chilled capacity

17cm dispense height

Perfect for canteen's, offices, gyms. 

Optional cup dispenser fitted if required.

£13.99 monthly

Chilled & ambient dispense

20Ltr chilled capacity

14cm dispense under tap

Our most stylish option, perfect for showrooms, salons. 

Integrated cup dispenser

£16.50 monthly

Our headline cooler, this epitomises style & reliablity. 

Chilled & sparkling options

Made in Italy from Italian manufacturers ' Cosmetal',  renowned for their durability

Perfect for modern offices, salons, giving you that modern edge. 

£37.99 monthly

Supplying water coolers and bottled water of the highest quality. We supply drinking water from the water dispensers, as well as water coolers to chill the water down to the perfect temperature. Refilling the large water bottle on top of the water cooler every time your water delivery is due, we make sure you never run out of bottled water. We deliver to South Wales as a whole, including Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, using local suppliers.  The spring water originates from West Wales, being the best tasting bottled water in the west. Being a Welsh water cooler supplier, we pride ourselves on delivering Welsh bottled water, delivering to all of south Wales. 

19 Litre Spring Water
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