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Our WAter

Pure, natural spring water. 

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bottled water delivery area
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Bottled at Hafodneddyn Estate, Llandeilo

Untouched 100% natural water, straight from source.  

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Sourced from farmland, it can be labelled as Spring Water, from source into our bottles. 

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The bottling process involves reverse osmosis to remove the impurities in the water, while retaining it's natural quality.

Using a local supplier in the heart of west Wales, in Llandeilo - Carmarthenshire 

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19 Litre Spring Water bottle

Nutritional information

54mg calcuim content

7.6 ph level - Akaline level

TDS tested as 115/1000 - perfect drinking water

Magnesium - 15mg/litre

Sodium - 15.8mg/litre

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Potassium - 4.5mg/litre

Fluoride - 85 ug/litre

Bicarbonates - 245 mg/litre


per litre

19 Litre Spring Water bottle



plastic bottled water



against a single 1 litre bottle*

18.9 litres

38 x 500ml bottles

19 Litre Spring Water bottle

equivalent to =

plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water
plastic bottled water

£7.95(+vat) per bottle

How do we compare with  TAP WATER?


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Spring water - untouched, sourced directly from the ground into our bottles

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100% Natural. Water can only be labelled 'spring water', if it remains in it's original form, with no additional minerals or chemicals added 

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Nutritionally dense. Containing Calcium, magnesium, and sodium.


Chemicals - 330 man made chemicals found in tap water to date (as of 2016, Open College info)

Microplastics - In recent research, plastic microfibres have been found to contaminate 72% of tap water samples

Heavily chlorinated. During the process of transferring water from our resevouris to our homes, our tap water is heavily chlorinated- to get rid of all bacteria in our water. Birmingham University researchers found that the chemicals that are formed during the chlorination are called trihalomethanes, and there are links between several specific birth defects.

Lead - buildings built before 1970 used Lead pipework, so there's a strong possibility of lead in the water at these buildings.

Limescale and pipewrok build up. Much of the UK's pipework remains unchanged since the early 1900's. So with your tap water travelling hundreds of miles in these pipeworks, it's not a surprise that scale build up has been found in the pipework. 

Supplying water coolers and bottled water of the highest quality. We supply drinking water from the water dispensers, as well as water coolers to chill the water down to the perfect temperature. Refilling the large water bottle on top of the water cooler every time your water delivery is due, we make sure you never run out of bottled water. We cover South Wales as a whole, including Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, using local suppliers. We also cover west wales, including Pembrokeshire and ceredigion.We then supply local spring water, originating from West Wales, being the best tasting bottled water in the west wales. 

Our water coolers are suited for homes, offices, gyms, and chill the bottled water to the perfect temperature. Our water dispensers are also durable, dispensing pure welsh bottled water. 

19 Litre Spring Water
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